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“Hires from Jovian are proving to be a valuable asset to our team. I highly recommend Jovian to anyone looking to dive into data science.“

Adarsh Jain
Adarsh Jain
Chief Data Scientist, Octro Inc.

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  • 900+ hours of coursework

  • 36 weeks part-time program

  • 4 real-world portfolio projects

  • 1:1 mentorship from Industry experts

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  • 14-day money back guarantee

  • 900+ hours of coursework

  • 36 weeks part-time program

  • 4 real-world portfolio projects

  • 1:1 mentorship from Industry experts

  • Pause or cancel at any time

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We've assembled an all-star team of tech educators, mentors, and domain experts committed to helping you succeed.

  • Aakash N S

    Aakash N S

    Lead Instructor

    Aakash is the CEO and co-founder of Jovian. He holds a degree in computer science and mathematics from IIT Bombay. Aakash has worked as a software engineer at Twitter, Ireland & San Francisco. He was a world finalist at ACM ICPC, the olympics of programming. Courses taught by Aakash have 6 million+ views on YouTube.

  • Siddhant Ujjain

    Siddhant Ujjain

    Lead Mentor

    Siddhant is the CTO and co-founder of Jovian. He holds a degree in computer science from IIT Delhi. Siddhant has worked as software engineer at Twitter, Ireland & San Francisco on user growth and anti-abuse teams. He has extensive experience with data analysis, data engineering, machine learning and deep learning.

  • Samanvitha Bayaneni

    Samanvitha Bayaneni


    Samanvitha holds a master's degree in Data Science from Vellore Institute of Technology and bachelor's degree in computer science and mathematics.

  • Biraj De

    Biraj De

    Assistant Instructor

    Biraj holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and has helped hundreds of members of the Jovian community over the past two years.

  • Himani Gulati

    Himani Gulati

    Assistant Instructor

    Himani holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has written several tutorials on Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

  • Veerendra Gopi

    Veerendra Gopi

    Assistant Instructor

    Veerendra is a Machine Learning Engineer at Zipteams and holds a Master's degree in Computer science from IIT Delhi. His main areas of focus are ML & NLP.

Success Stories

Discover & connect with Jovian graduates who have trusted us with their careers and successfully made a career transition.

Manish Babbar

Jun 2021 Batch

Analyst & Copy Editor
Data Scientist

Ankit Pratap Singh

Mar 2021 Batch

MSc Mathematics
Business Analyst

Kartikaye Madhok

Feb 2022 Batch

Research Associate
Data Scientist

Digvijay Bhadouria

Feb 2022 Batch

Chemical Engg
BI & Data Analyst

Alumni Testimonials

Our diverse alumni network consists of tech professionals from 25+ countries, eager to help you achieve your career goals.

Harshit Gupta

Country Business Analyst, Decathlon, Bengaluru

I would like to extend my gratitude to Aakash, Siddhant and Samanvitha from Jovian for being great mentors. Jovian helped me make a career transition to data science with a well structured course and an amazing team which was always there to help 1-on-1 with any doubts that you may have, be it about any specific topic, or your career in general. Also a small batch ensures a close knit community and attention to everyone. I would highly recommend Jovian to anyone who wants to make a career switch and is looking for guidance!

11:40 · 28 Nov 2021

Dejoli Landry

Master's Student, Russia

I saw Jovian's Deep Learning with Pytorch tutorial, and it only took me 5 minutes to subscribe directly without even watching the full tutorial. Jovian instructors are among the best with an amazing team. I had one of the best learning experiences with Jovian during the Data Science Bootcamp. Thanks Jovian, and thanks to all my batchmates for making it so nice!

09:38 · 12 Nov 2021

Madhav Muni

SVP, Bank of America, Boston

For all learning related to Data Science, Jovian is a one stop shop. The ability to make a concept understood to any novice through code is an art and Aakash is an amazing tutor and a great mentor to set the career for any individual aspiring in a new direction. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making every student a better learner. The Jovian team rocks, you guys are the best at what you do.

09:52 · 10 Sept 2021

Stephen Wilson

Project Manager, Brink's Inc., Texas

I finished my bachelor’s degree the week before the Data Science Bootcamp began, and I feel that I’ve learned far more in the last 6 months than the 3 years it took to get my degree. Aakash is an amazing instructor and mentor, and makes these very complex subjects much easier to approach. I am beyond grateful for all the time and effort put in by Aakash, Siddhant and the whole Jovian team for the immense effort and time put into building the course lectures and materials, as well as giving advice, encouragement and technical help at all hours through Slack and 1-on-1 calls.

14:07 · 5 Oct 2021

Samantha Roberts

Research Scientist, Columbia University, NY

My top takeaways from Jovian: do your best, done is better than perfect, you are good enough, help others, and be kind. This type of instruction makes me want to work hard. This is not just about the quality of data science education - although that is top notch. It is about learning how we should be in the world to get optimal results, with code, with machine learning, with ourselves, with others. Thank you Jovian, for being a group of people that I want to emulate in all aspects of my life.

10:52 · 27 Sept 2021

Ramy Abdallah

PhD Student, UK

Thank you, Jovian team, for making Jovian a home away from home, a place to make friends and land of learning, growing and prospering. I learnt from Bootcamp and free courses in data sciences and machine learning more than anything. You are basically coding_my_future. Jovian is a way of life and a school of thought.

11:52 · 12 Aug 2021

Nicolas Benavides

Data Science Consultant, Colombia

Jovian has been the most enriching educational experienceIhaveever had,youwere themaindecisive factor to take seriously the radical change on my path career. The mentorship program makes learning by doing a complete pleasure process for each of us. I am sure that you will continue to be fundamental for all those who want to pursue their career in data science, as you were for me. Thank you so much!

12:06 · 8 Jan 2022

Shaswath Patil

Data Analyst, MiQ

The Jovian data science bootcamp caught my eye while I was looking to get hands-on experience on Python tool and build my own data science projects. The step-by-step transition from basic concepts to building my own machine learning models was an absolute walk in the park. Continuous engagement with Jovian instructors and community members kept me motivated to learn and improve upon my skills.

18:09 · 31 Oct 2021

Adrian Glinqvist

AI Business Consultant, Sweden

I was blown away by the quality of the Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas course, so when I shortly after discovered the data science bootcamp it was easy to sign up. With the skills learned I feel confident I will be able to dive deeper in my newfound passion for Al and ML field and find a new career in the domain. Thank you Aakash and the Jovian team for the support and for providing a forum for a great group of diverse people to learn and grow together on the Jovian platform

21:03 · 29 Nov 2021

Ankit Pratap Singh

Data Analyst, Ballot House UK, India

Six months ago, I couldn't even think of starting my career as a data scientist, but now I have started my career as a data analyst. Jovian is the reason for my confidence. I am grateful to the entire Jovian team. They taught us, they provided us a wonderful atmosphere for learning together, they are the best support to learn Data Science skills.

10:53 · 29 Dec 2021

Deepa Sarojam

Senior System Analyst, UST, Ohio

Jovian's courses are extremely thorough, well structured and top notch. Aakash and Siddhant have created a very friendly and approachable environment through Jovian. The coursework, assignments and projects challenged me to push my limits. I'm grateful to Aakash for believing in me, and motivating me every time we talk, even when I didn't believe in myself. Jovian offered me the discipline, confidence and the right mindset to learn Data Science. Jovian has shown me that with grit and the right perspective everything is possible.

14:39 · 2 Nov 2021

Shenghong Zhong

Data Science Consultant, UK

You guys helped us a lot, I can't verbally say how grateful I am. During the whole process, I often doubted myself, Can I do it? And then I would book a call with Aakash. Siddhant is a practical guy who often says, Try harder. Aakash is a real hero of mine, You can do it! Try it again!. You aim to challenge inequalities in education and help more people with their career to achieve a better life. That's happening!

12:30 · 2 Sept 2021

I discovered Jovian during the pandemic and was impressed by the quality and the volume of work they put in the design of their courses. I signed up for the Bootcamp as soon as I heard of it! And I have never been disappointed by the content. To all the team, thank you for all what you did for us and for all the data enthusiasts around the world. I can't believe how much learning 've done using your platform. Keep going, I'm sure you will be very successful because you deserve it!

15:15 · 27 Jun 2021

Pritesh Patel

Business Analyst, Deutsche Bank, UK

I've thoroughly loved the bootcamp experience. Aakash and the entire Jovian team provided great support, and not only did they deliver a well-structured programme, but they also kept us encouraged throughout the bootcamp. Aakash shared some incredible time management skills that have greatly helped my productivity. I also met some wonderful friends and mentors, and for that, I'm grateful to Jovian.

08:09 · 9 Nov 2021

Anubrata Das

Scientific Officer, BARC, Mumbai

This bootcamp has been the most rigorous training I have ever undertaken. Being failed multiple times for assignments and finally passing built my confidence. Aakash was very patient and kind. He always made me focus on my strengths and the teaching was fantastic. Also, I was introduced to my wonderful buddies from our Code Hunters study group. All I wanted was to have a lab to find a drug for cancer and spent 20 years not having one. Today thanks to Jovian- I have my lab. It is my laptop and my knowledge of data science.

13:00 · 7 Feb 2022

Anushree Kokkalera

Ex-Director, Moody's Analytics, Bengaluru

Upskilling talent for Data Science the right way and quickly is quite challenging for businesses. Jovian's courses have excellent content, thoughtfully sequenced, very intuitive and the platform extremely learner friendly. The bootcamp has been a wonderful learning experience. I made great friends from all over the world and learnt from all their brilliant work. Aakash and Siddhant have been great mentors, creating a vibrant supportive community and collaborative platform for Data Science and ML.

12:17 · 3 Jan 2022

Ysabel Nava

Geologist, Canada

I found Jovian through a friend who sent me a link to Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas, and I was Iooking for a bootcamp to learn Exploratory Data Analysis. I attended a Jovian webinar where Aakash answered a lot of questions about this new area for me. I am really grateful for Jovian team and Aakash for all the support I received during the Bootcamp, as well as batchmates who shared their projects, and asked questions.

14:44 · 10 Sept 2021

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